Tale of the White Wyvern - Changelog

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Here you can find a list of all changes to Tale of the White Wyvern and the dates they were made.

Version 0.9.20: Skill Gain UX Enhancement (2019-1-22)

Version 0.9.19: Show Cosmetic Member Items (2019-12-16)

Version 0.9.18: Town Square Organization (2019-12-04)

Version 0.9.17: Season Support & Bug Fixes (2019-11-26)

Version 0.9.16: More Event Preparation, Bug Fixes and Mail (2019-11-17)

Version 0.9.15: Event Preparation and Bug Fixes (2019-11-13)

This update is mostly geared toward later events, so there aren't many changes here that you'll see yet. At any rate, here's what you have to look forward to!

Version 0.9.14: Endgame Changes (2019-10-29)

Version 0.9.13: New Deadly Features (2019-10-23)

Version 0.9.12: Pumpkin Festival and Quality of Life Enhancements (2019-10-22)

Version 0.9.11: News Enhancements and Quality of Life Enhancements. Plus Wyvern hugs. (2019-10-14)

Version 0.9.10: Shining Up Gold Hats (2019-10-13)

Version 0.9.9: Balancing and Player List Changes (2019-10-06)

Version 0.9.8: New Fearures (2019-09-23)

Version 0.9.7: Significant Class Changes and HATS! (2019-09-12)

Version 0.9.6: New Event, Wyvern Scaling, and a Check on Running (2019-08-25)

Version 0.9.5: Balancing and NPC Reward Changes (2019-08-15)

Version 0.9.4: New Location, Event Changes, News Additions, Bug Fixes (2019-08-11)

Version 0.9.3: Forest Fight Balancing, NPC Clarification, New Location (2019-08-09)

Version Bug Fixes (2019-08-06)

Version 0.9.2: Change Your Gender, Interface Changes, and Bug Fixes (2019-08-04)

Version 0.9.1: Bug Fixes and PvP Balancing (2019-08-01)

Version 0.9: Tale of the White Wyvern Beta (2019-07-28)