Tale of the White Wyvern - Patronage Villa

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A squat Dwarf waddles up to you with a bright smile. "Are you ready to help us keep Wyrmdoor in operation?"

Tale of the White Wyvern and its creator community, Cheerful Ghost, are supported entirely from users like you. If you have fun playing our games, we need your help. You can support us in a variety of ways, including:

  • Make a donation. Everything helps.
  • Buy Tale of the White Wyvern Merchandise. Shirts & mugs of your favorite text based mini-mmo!
  • Buy a yearly or a monthly membership that gets you incredible Member in-game bonuses such as exclusive Member only username flair as well as weapons, armor, hat and fishing pole cosmetics as well as unique titles!
  • Follow The White Wyvern on Twitter. Note: The Wyvern is quite grumpy.
  • Follow Cheerful Ghost on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Share your love for Tale of the White Wyvern on social media. Doesn't cost you anything and helps others know about what we do. Make sure to @_cheerfulghost on Twitter and Cheerful Ghost on Facebook if you do!