Tale of the White Wyvern - Instructions

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Tale of the White Wyvern is a text based, high fantasy, sword and magic adventure mini-MMO that you can play with your friends!

For new players we have the following set of Let's Plays to help you level up:

Player Classes

The first decision you have in Tale of the White Wyvern is what class you will be. If you prefer dealing lots of damage and focusing on attack, then you should be a Warrior. If you like being stealthy and focusing on defense, then you should be a Rogue. If you want to cast spells and focus on the arcane arts, then your class should be Mage.

Note: All class abilities can only be used in forest and wyvern fights.




Game Days in Tale of the White Wyvern

For each real Earth day that happens for us in real time, in Tale of the White Wyvern there are two days that pass. When a new game day begins, a few things trigger in game. The list below isn't exhaustive, as there are some things we want to keep secret.

What Times Do New Days Trigger?

Things that replenish in the new day: Forest fights, Player fights, Wyvern fights, NPC Relationships, Bard song and all your class abilities.

Other things that happen in the new day: Your bank gold gains interest, your legal partnership bonuses trigger and if you died you are reborn.

How PvP Works

Each day you get a certain amount of Player VS Player fights, and you can choose to fight others in the Fields or Inn. The rules for PvP in the fields are as follows.

If you leave the game, people can find you and attack you in the Fields. If you want some basic protection, rent a room at the Inn. Renting a room at the Inn room provides you with the following protections:

Defeating The Wyvern & The Endgame

Your goal is to level up in power and experience to get to level 12. Only at level 12 can you challenge and defeat The White Wyvern. Each time you kill the Wyvern, you add to your Wyvern Kill count and are born again at level one to take on the Wyvern again. Each time you defeat the Wyvern you unlock a new in-game character title and a new chapter in the Tome of Lore at Tarbreth's Adventurer Training's Hall of Honored Adventurers. Each new chapter opens up the world story for Tale of the White Wyvern and after you unlock chapter 5 that is the final "endgame." On top of the unlockable chapters in the Tome of Lore each class has a unique ending as well.

Each of your first five Wyvern kills in any game awards you the following titles:

  1. Scale Holder
  2. Claw Keeper
  3. Tooth Bearer
  4. Wyrmsbane
  5. Wyvernslayer

After each Wyvern kill your player is reborn back at level 1 where you can select a new class. Each of your player attributes are reset including gold, skills and experience but the following are kept: username, wyvern kills, player kills, charm, titles, and your dead card.

Each successive Wyvern fight gets harder up to the hardest 5th Wyvern fight.

We currently consider the endgame to be when a player kills the Wyvern 5 times and achieves the title Wyvernslayer.

Interacting with NPCs

There are currently three NPCs in the game you can interact with. You can only interact with one NPC per day for a benefit to your character if you have enough charm to pull off the interaction. As your player gains charm you can gain more benefits to your NPC interaction by way of gold, experience and forest fights.

On top of the NPC interaction system described above Jon Boyd the Bard is a bit different. You can interact with him in two ways per day such that you can listen to him sing you a song AND choose to interact with him as described above. Listening to Jon Boyd the bard sing to you is a seperate NPC interaction and works on top of interacting with other NPCs.

The Seasons

Each Wyvern game has game seasonal events that effect the world in different ways. Typically seasonal world events can increase daily forest fights, gold and experience drops. You can talk to Helga at Helga’s Potions & Healing Shoppe for more information on each season in your specific Wyvern game.

Game Features