Tale of the White Wyvern - Blue

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Wyvernslayer: Blue Male Rogue

Level: 4
Experience: 1,382
Alive: Yes
Blue was last seen sleeping in the Inn of the Old Hen.
Titles Earned: ["Apprentice", "Cheerful Patron", "Ghost Friend", "Original Hype", "Scale Holder", "Claw Keeper", "Tooth Bearer", "Wyrmsbane", "Wyvernslayer", "Prestigious", "Prestidigitonium"]
Wyvern Kills: 10
Player Kills: 7
Total Deaths: 17
Hat: Green Plumber's Cap
Fishing Pole: Sharp Tanger

Blue is a Cheerful Ghost Member and gets some incredible Member only perks! You can get these perks too!

Member-only Items: Horse Armor. If anyone introduces horses to this area, Blue will be set!

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