Tale of the White Wyvern - Rather Dashing

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Titan: Rather Dashing - Masculine Mage

Level: 11
Experience: 4,504,010
Alive: No
Rather Dashing was last seen spooking the Graveyard as a spirit.

Rather Dashing is in a partnership with Petrus.

Titles Earned: ["Apprentice", "Original Hype", "Scale Holder", "Claw Keeper", "Tooth Bearer", "Wyrmsbane", "Wyvernslayer", "Prestigious", "Prestidigitonium", "Demigod", "Demigoddess", "Demideity", "God", "Goddess", "Deity", "Old God", "Ancient Goddess", "Eternal Deity", "Nephilim", "Titan"]
Wyvern Kills: 73
Player Kills: 73
Total Deaths: 85
Hat: Black Fedora
Fishing Pole: Silver Fish Finder

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