Tale of the White Wyvern - Declan

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Wyvernslayer: Declan Cis Masculine Rogue

Level: 10
Experience: 3,661,648
Alive: Yes
Declan was last seen walking through the Town Square.

Declan is in a partnership with Friday.

Titles Earned: ["Apprentice", "Cheerful Patron", "Ghost Friend", "Original Hype", "Scale Holder", "Claw Keeper", "Tooth Bearer", "Wyrmsbane", "Game Dev Quester", "Dot Matrix Defender", "Wyvernslayer", "Prestigious", "Prestidigitonium", "Demigod", "Demigoddess", "Demideity", "God", "Goddess", "Deity", "Old God", "Ancient Goddess", "Eternal Deity", "Nephilim", "Titan"]
Wyvern Kills: 137
Player Kills: 76
Total Deaths: 208
Hat: Leather Headpiece
Fishing Pole: Boyd's Pole

Declan is a Cheerful Ghost Member and gets some incredible Member only perks! You can get these perks too!

Member-only Items: Horse Armor. If anyone introduces horses to this area, Declan will be set!

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